A bibliographical essay / work-in-progress
on Byzantine Greek Language, Palaeography, Book Culture,
Text Transmission, and Textual Criticism
by Stratis Papaioannou

This essay is not meant to be comprehensive, but hopes to offer a general survey and introduction to the various subject-matters and related scholarship.

Special thanks to Maria Averkiou for setting up the website, Nadezdha Kavrus-Hoffmann for reviewing the project, Niels Gaul for providing the initial bibliography, and Foteini Spingou, Lorenzo Ciolfi, Stelios Lampakis, as well as the participants of palaeography seminars at Brown University (2011 and 2016) for making several suggestions.

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ἡ χεὶρ μὲν ἡ γράψασα . . .

                                                                                                     Ἀθήνα, 26 Ἰουλίου 2017
                                                                                         (and many dates before and after)